Engagement Models

Engagement Models

A good business engagement is of no use if it cannot bring about a desired result without using unethical means. We believe that to bring about such a desired result it is required to understand the operational constraints and know the pitfalls which lead to an unproductive business engagement. Over the past decade we have developed frameworks which are based on globally accepted practices like ITSM and ITIL. Using a hybrid model benefits the business relationship as it is highly effective and guarantees a desired business outcome.

We have carved out models based on this understanding which lead to the best fit which further facilitates business trust and growth through transparency and quality of service. The models serve as a guide line for both, our team as well as the vendor team to function as a coherent unit thus increasing business effectiveness.

Onsite Models – Staff Augmentation, Time & Material, Pay Per Use.

Remote Models – Offsite Support, Build & Transfer, Dedicated Center.

Onsite Model – Staff Augmentation

RSPL has a large number of talented professionals which provides clients tangible value that improves business contributions. The staff augmentation model can be used for organizations at which the management has a philosophy of concentrating purely on their core capabilities and does not want to get bothered with support functions. The RSPL consultants directly work with the clients team as a part of the support staff on a full time basis. With the presence of our consultant at the client premises ensures that IT service is rarely interrupted as the consultant is constantly working towards increasing the strength as well as the reliability of the IT network. This model helps clients in deriving the maximum value from their IT infrastructure and other IT assets as our consultant or team of consultants are constantly working to improve utilization levels of the network using the latest developments in the field of IT service management.

Onsite Model – Time & Material

Businesses across the globe have been relying on Information Technology to increase business effectiveness and to automate business functions which potentially could create business bottle necks. This model was developed when we realized that many of our customers have already invested in creating and institutionalizing good IT networks and applications leading to a high degree of automation. The focus of this model is to further increase the effectiveness of the IT assets an organization possesses by injecting new concepts and latest trends in deploying and maintaining IT service levels. The team of consultants from RSPL spends time in understanding the working of the client and pin points areas of crucial importance where IT plays an important part. Once this is done the team then concentrates on increasing the effectiveness and the reliability indices of the network in these crucial areas. This model has proved to be effective when clients already have a team that maintains the existing IT infrastructure but the management needs to scale up the IT infrastructure using the same assets. The RSPL consultants are deployed for a certain time only which provides a boost to the client team and management to institutionalize a network which is several levels higher in capacity and reliability.

Onsite Model – Pay Per Use

We at Relitech Systems (RSPL) have always tried to understand the problems our clients face in maintaining and running their business effectively. This model helps clients work around financial as well as quality constraints which lead to effective utilization of their IT assets. The clients get the flexibility to use our consultants only when they require assistance thus eliminating the propensity of burdening the clients. Traditional models have some rigidity in operations and are not always the best fit for clients requiring a quick yet effective solution. The model works on a very simple philosophy which includes executing a contract but requesting assistance only when required on a per case basis. We have found that this model allows us to reduce the price a client pays because the consultant is shared across multiple clients which reduces the financial burden on a client without compromising on the quality of the consultant and thus service quality. With a pre decided Service Level Agreement the client uses our support portal to request for assistance, this service request is then handled and executed by our team using a strict adherence to SLAs and consultant skill matrix. Clients enrolled in this program are SME’s and other small businesses which run on extremely small IT networks but require highly trained staff to resolve problems quickly to avoid adverse impacts on business operations and contributions.

Remote Model – Offsite Support

The discovery of the internet has been one of man-kinds greatest inventions that has not only reduced geographical distances but has also blurred boundaries which separate countries across continents. Business are using the internet to expand reach and increase revenue contributions, another place that the internet is helping is to reduce the cost of operations. We use this power of the internet and other methods to reduce to cost of maintaining a good IT service levels for our clients. Using powerful tools like TeamViewer and Remote Desk Top Connections we are able to solve problems across continents leading to quicker and lower dollar/rupee value spent for clients. The clients can use our support portal to request assistance and then in co-ordination with our consultants resolve minor problems within a matter of minutes. Major problems and enhancements can take much longer but a similar methodology is used as onsite models to keep the engagement result driven. The RSPL team of consultants uses our office premises in Pune India to deliver such services to clients not only in India but also regions in North America and Europe.

Remote Model – Build & Transfer

Business priorities differ with time, developing capabilities and enhancing core capabilities in a constantly changing business climate are essential for business fitness. We have developed this model for clients who wish to see the effectiveness before they start operating support functions. Developing L1 L2 and L3 support lines to maintain an effective IT service across departments is a challenge as it does not include reliance on core capabilities for some clients. The RSPL team of consultants works to identify the working dynamics of institutionalizing a complete IT support function. We help facilitate organizational learning by not only starting such a support function but also develop an effective management philosophy based some constraints that the management has to work around. Microscopic details of developing and monitoring such an initiative are outlined and explained to management before the start of the assignment. Specific milestones and a result based tactical plan are just to avoid an mismatch of expectations, we take all the further steps leaving no stone unturned to institutionalize such capabilities for our clients. After having developed and operated such a support function for clients we then transfer the complete operation of such a support cell to the client’s premises nationally or internationally. The client benefits as it is easier to absorb this support function than building it right from scratch. We use globally accepted frameworks like ITSM and ITIL to build and develop all the processes followed in institutionalizing such a support cell. This model and engagements included in such a model help clients understand important aspects like monetary as well as operational dynamics before institutionalizing such a support function internally at the organization.

Remote Model – Dedicated Center

The advantages of outsourcing are evident but these advantages are exponentially multiplied when a the outsourced functions are offshore. Offshore sites offer cheaper and more talented labor as well as better flexibility to operate support functions that are not core capabilities. Based on clients demand we can develop and operate a dedicated center for not only the IT function but also some other functions like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Identifying the correct people and providing them with effective processes which helps them become highly effective in their contributions is an art we have mastered over the last decade. The clients can use these centers to get many support functions which impact their businesses in a positive manner. The operating expenses can be drastically reduced leading to a higher contribution from business operations. The mere advantage of currencies is no longer the driving factor but a team of highly specialized professionals working tirelessly to contribute at the management level has been a major driving force that has made this model so popular which clients. The propensity of using globally accepted best practices in establishing such a dedicated center by our consultants ensures that the productivity and contribution levels of such centers is always kept at the maximum levels.