Premium Support Services

Premium Support Services

Create an Agile Infrastructure with RSPL

RSPL' Infrastructure Services focus on helping you rationalize, consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize your infrastructure assets – to get you to the most optimized environment possible. We've been helping companies transition and consolidate since 1999 when we first pioneered the outsourcing space.

We help you achieve greater leverage, speed and return on your IT investments to drive more success for your business. Our Infrastructure Services are designed to give you immediate results:

  • Customized assessment of your existing infrastructure
  • Experienced industry leaders to offer best implementation practices
  • Proven solutions to modernize platforms and optimize architectures
  • Increased productivity and highest possible return on IT investment
  • Improved operational and delivery excellence

How RSPL Can Help Modernize Your Infrastructure

It all starts with the right foundation and an architecture that allows you to meet your changing business needs. We can help you lower costs by rationalizing your infrastructure, modernizing and consolidating systems, while at the same time improving the quality, stability and speed of your operations.

Our portfolio delivers innovative solutions with offerings including desktop/mobility services, hosting, storage and networking. Our services are delivered on best-in-class technologies from our Alliance partners. Our strategy ensures high-quality, cost-competitive services are provided from the optimal mix of onshore, near-shore and offshore locations.

What an Agile Infrastructure Can Help You Achieve

We employ a well-defined Infrastructure Rationalization Blueprint approach that has been evolving and improving. Our Blueprint methodology encompasses rationalization processes for transforming complex server, storage and network environments into a much more simplified and optimized infrastructure. This reliable, standardized, agile compute environment helps enterprises significantly boost their productivity and squeeze out the highest possible return on their IT investment. So look to RSPL for a successful, consistent approach to enterprise infrastructure transformation and consolidation. We know it works because we've successfully applied this methodology to give many of our clients:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Greater flexibility, responsiveness and business agility
  • Globally consistent repeatable standards, processes and technology